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Essentia Vol.5, 1983.
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Secreta Alchemiae
by Kalid Persica (Kalid ben Jazichi).
Written originally in Hebrew, and translated thence into Arabick, and out of Arabick into Latin. Now it being faithfully rendered into English by William Salmon, Professor of Physick. 1691. 67 pages. Extract of Chapter 22 – 36.
(SECRETA: .doc, .pdf).
[RAMS ORIGINAL: 67 pages, US$8.04*]
Table of Contents.

or “The Grand Secret of Hermetick Philosophy”,
Third Edition, by Jean Espagnet.
R.A.M.S. 1981.
45 pages.
(ARCANUM: .doc, .pdf).
[RAMS ORIGINAL: 45 pages, US$5.40*]
Table of Contents.