This Timeline represents the release years of the original R.A.M.S. Manuscripts. It’s retrospective construction is an indicator not only of the developing interests of the original R.A.M.S. spanning almost 20 years, but also the readers and greater alchemy community at the end of 21st Century. This timeline may be compared to the table of contents of the Chemicum Thearticum as a historical document of the publishers interests and client readership.

Acknowledgements of assistance: Henry Hintz & Alan Pritchard.


“Artephius. His Secret Book. The Epistle of John Pontanus”.


The Chemists Key of Henry Nollius.” Published by Eugenius Philalethes.

Compendium of Alchemical Tracts“,from the files of and translated by S. Bacstrom, M.D.

Radix Mundi” by Roger Bacon.

Coelum Philosophorum” or “Faithfull Directions”, translated by S. Bacstrom, 1787.

The Book of Lamspring“.

Compound of Compounds” by Albertus Magnus.

The Great Work of the Lapis Sophorum According to Lamspring’s Process.” Translated from the German by Sigismond Bacstrom.

The Book of Formulas” by John Hazelrigg.

Of Antimony Vulgar” by Alexander von Suchten.

Summa Perfectionis” by Geber.

Some Processes” of Johan Gottfried Tugel.

Monsr. De La Brie’s “PROCESS” for accompllshing The Tincture.


“The Writings of Johan Isaaci Hollandus. Opera Vegetabile. (The Vegetable Work)” Preface by Filius Sendivogii, England, 1659.

“The Writings of Johan Isaaci Hollandus. Hollandus Medicinal Recipes from his Secrets concerning vegetall and animal work,” extracted from Three Exact Pieces of Leonard Phioravant. 1652.

“Of Natural & Supernatural Things” by Basilius Valentinus.

The Triumphal Chariot of Antimony” by Basilius Valentinus.



The Mineral Work.” Johan Isaaci Hollandus.

The Hand of The Philosophers.” Johan Isaaci Hollandus.

The Stone of Urine.” Johan Isaaci Hollandus.


Aurifontina Chymica” or “A collection of 14 Small Treatises Concerning the First Matter of Philosophers.”

Universal and Particular Processes“, by John de Monte Snyder.

Arcanum” or “The Grand Secret of Hermetick Philosophy”, Third Edition, by Jean Espagnet.

A Discourse on Fire and Salt” by Lord Blaise of Vigenere. 1649.

Sanguis Naturae” by Christoph Brummet.

Das Aceton” (The Acetone) by Dr. Christian August Becker.


Certain Chemical Works with the True Practice. Gathered into a True Method.” by Edward Norvell.

Friend of the Dawn” (L’Ami de L’Aurore) by Henri de LinTaut.

Trifertes Sagani“, or “Immortal Dissolvent” by Cleidophorus Mystagogus.

Writings of Urbigerus” Circulatum Minus of Urbigerus, and Aphorisms of Urbigerus.

The Compound of Alchemy” by George Ripley.

Liber Secretissimus” by George Ripley.

The Golden Fleece” or “The Flower of Treasures”, by that great Philosopher Solomon Trismosin.

Three Tracts.” Including “Of Nature and Art”, “Liber Trium Verborum of King Calid the son of Sazichi”, & “The Philosophical Cannons of Paracelsus.”

Diverse Alchemical Tracts“. Including “Some Practical Observations on May Dew”, Extracts from Sal Lumen& Spiritus Mundi Philosophici”, ” Teipsum Corporalitur”, “Aureum Seculum”, & “The Fountain of Chemical Philosophy.”

The Book of Abraham the Jew” Rabbi Abraham Eleazar.

The Quintessence of the Philosophers” by Theodorus Mundanus.

A Revelation of the Secret Spirit” by Giovanni baptista Lambi.

Metamorphosis of the Planets” by John de Monte Snyder.

“A Short Book of Dialogues”, or “Certain Colloquies of some Studious Searchers after the Hermetick Medicine and Universal Tincture.” by Rudolph Glauber.

“The Consolation of Navigators” and “A True and Perfect Description of Extracting Good Tartar from The Lees of Wine” by Rudolph Glauber.

“18 Short Tracts of Alchemy”.


Hyle und Coahyl” by Abtala Jurain, filii Jacob Juran.

The Holy Guide” by John Heydon.

Liber Ratziel.” The Book of Salamonis.

Chemical Secrets and Experiments” by Sir Kenelm Digby Kt.

“An Index of the Complete Works of Glauber”, Philip Wheeler.

“The Complete Works of Rudolph Glauber” by Rudolph Glauber.

“A Spagyrical Pharmocopoea”, or “Dispensatory” by Rudolph Glauber.

Secret Fire of the Philosophers” by Rudolph Glauber.

Elias Artista” or “What we are to understand by Elias the Artist, and what he is to reform in the World at his coming” by Rudolph Glauber.

“De Purgatorio Philosophorum” or “A Treatise Concerning the Purifying Fire of the Wise Men” by Rudolph Glauber.

“The Hellish Goddess Proserpina with Elias the Artist: and also Of the Secret Fire of the Philosophers” by Rudolph Glauber.

“A Treatise on the Animal Stone” by Rudolph Glauber.

“The Prosperity of Germany” by Rudolph Glauber.

“The Centurys: First through Fifth”, or “Wealthy Store-house of Treasures” (5 books) by Rudolph Glauber.

Libellus Ignium“, or “Book of Fires” by Rudolph Glauber.

Of the Three Most Noble Stones Generated by Three Secret Fires” by Rudolph Glauber.


Golden Chain of Homer” Edited by: Anton Kirchweger.

Der Grosse und Der Kleine Bauer (The Greater and Lesser Edifyer)” by Grasshof.


Philosophia Maturata Of the Stone of the Philosophers” St. Dunstan.

Liquor Alcahest” by J.A. Pyrophilus.

Potpourri Alchemia“.

Theoricus Degree.” Rosicrucian, Masonic & Alchemical Script.


Discourse on the Fountain of Philosophical Salt” Solinus Salztal.

“A French Alchemical Romance and Adventure” by Hans Nintzel.

The Art of Spagyric Medicine” by John Pharamund Rhumelius.

An Old Alchemical Treatise

The Last Will and Testament of Basil Valentine“. Monke of the Order of St. Bennet.

Treatise on Metallic and Mineral Medicines” by Quercetanus.

Correct Usage” An old german alchemical manuscript containing various ‘recipes’.
Translated by: Christine Banerji.


The Transmutation of Base Metals Into Gold and Silver” David Beuther.


“Chemical Moonshine”, by Johann Friedrich Fleischer. 1739.


Revelation of the True Chemical Wisdom” Friederich Gualdus.

Arcana Divina” ( The Divine Secret ) Anonymous.

De Auro (on gold)” Pico della Mirandola, fr.

Selected Chemical Universal and Particular Processes,” by Baron Von Ruesenstein.

The Art of Alchemy” by Adiramled (Delmar D. Bryant)

Philosophy of The Universe” by Baron George Von Welling.


Three Tracts on Medicine: Metamorphosis of Metals, Brief Guide to the Celestial Ruby, and, Fount of Chemical Truth” by Eirenaeus Philalethes.

A System of Causasian Yoga” by Count Stefan C. Walewski

Potpourri Alchemia. Vol.2” by Hans Nintzel (compiler).

Lessons in the Unfoldment of the Philosopher’s Stone“. By: Adiramled (Delmar D. Bryant)

Compass of the Wise, by Metmia Vere. 1779.


“Aesch-Mezareph” or “Purifying Fire.”


The Marrow of Alchemy” by Eirenaeus Philoponos Philalethes.


Mirror of Alchemy” composed by Roger Bacon.

The Turba Philosophorum.”

The Book Concerning the Tincture of the Philosophers” by Philippus Theophrastus Bombast, Paracelsus.

The Aurora of the Philosophers” By Philippus Theophrastus Bombast, Paracelsus.

“The Treasure of Treasures” by Paracelsus.

Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored” by Archibald Cochren.

The Art of Distillation” By John French.

The Six Keys of Eudoxus” by Eudoxus.

No Date on title

Secreta Alchemiae” by Kalid Persica (Kalid ben Jazichi). pre-1983. ++

Hermes Unveiled” by Cyliani. pre-1983. ++

Hermes” Hermetis Trismegisti Tractatus Aureus. pre-1983. ++

Instructions Respecting the Art of Transmuting and Ameliorating the Metals” by William Baron von Schroeder. pre-1983. ++

“Tables of Alchemical Symbols and Gematria including Glossary of Latin Terms”.

Medulla Alchymiae“, or “The Marrow of Alchemy” by George Ripley, pre-1983. ++

++ = Date based on advertisement in “Essentia”, Volume 5 Fall, 1983.