Secreta Alchemiae by Kalid Persica (Kalid ben Jazichi). Written originally in Hebrew, and translated thence into Arabick, and out of Arabick into Latin. Now it being faithfully rendered into English by William Salmon, Professor of Physick.1691. 67 pages. (SECRETAALCHYMIAE: .doc, .pdf, .jpg)

Table of Contents

Chapter XXII. Of the difficulties of this Art. p.1
Chapter XXIII. Of the four principal operations, solution, congelations, albification and rubification. p.6
Chapter XXIV. Of the latter two operations, vix. albification and rubification. p.10
Chapter XXV. Of the nature of things appertaining to this work: of decoction, and its effects. p.11
Chapter XXVI. Of subtilization, solution, coagulation and commixion of the stone. p.13
Chapter XXVII. The manner of fixation of the spirit, decoction, trituration and washing. p.16
Chapter XXVIII. Of the fire fit for this work. p.18
Chapter XXIX. Of the separation of the elements. p.20
Chapter XXX. Of the commixion of the elements which were separated. p.23
Chapter XXXI. Of the solution of the stone compounded, and coagulation of the stone dissolved. p.26
Chapter XXXII. That our stone is but one, and of the nature thereof. p.29
Chapter XXXIII. The way and manner how to make the stone both white and red. p.31
Chapter XXXIV. Kalid’s secret of secrets, or stone of the philosophers explicated. p.35
Chapter XXXV. A farther explication of this matter. p.41
Chapter XXXVI. The key which opens the mystery of this grand elixir. p.55

Researcher Notes:

This text also appears in the “Mirror of Alchemy“, by Roger Bacon (1597), as “The Book of the Secrets of Alchemy“, composed by Kalid the son of Iazich.