The Compound of Alchemy” or “The Ancient Hidden Art of Alchemie; Containing the right and perfect means to make the Philiosophers Stone, Aurum Potabile, with other Excellent Experiments. Divided into Twelve Gates.”(1471) by George Ripley. Imprinted by Thomas Orwin. London 1591. R.A.M.S. 1982. 85 pages. (COMPOUNDALCHEMY: .doc, .pdf, .jpg)

Table of Contents

To the right honourable, worshipful and worthy gentlemen. p.3
A preface, by George Ripley. p.5
The Vision of Sir George Ripley. p.8
The Preface. p.9
Of Calcination. The First Gate. p.17
Of Dissolution. The Second Gate. p.23
Of Separation. The Third Gate. p.27
Of Conjunction. The Fourth Gate. p.32
Of Putrefaction. The Fifth Gate. p.36
Of Congelation. The Sixth Gate. p.49
Of Cibation. The Seventh Gate. p.57
Of Sublimation. The Eighth Gate. p.59
Of Fermentation. The Ninth Gate. p.61
Of Exaltation. The Tenth Gate. p.66
Of Multiplication. The Eleventh Gate. p.69
of Projection. The Twelfth Gate. p.72
Ricapitulatio Totius Operis Proedicti. p.74
The Epistle to King Edward the Fourth. p.77