Author of several books which display a career of varied interests: a practising physician as his “Family-dictionary” includes medicinal cures as well as culinary recipes, An English painter and author of “Polygraphice” (London, 1672) which gives instruction of the different categories of painting, and as a quack-doctor in a book by Geshwind M. titled “William Salmon, quack-doctor and writer of seventeenth century London.” Author of “Pharmacopoeia Londinensis” (the New London Dispensatory) and “Palladio Londinensis“, an architecture book. In “ Ars chirurgica“,1699 he is described as “William Salmon, after travelling in New England and the West Indies, set up as an irregular outside St. Bartholomew’s Hospital.” He wrote many astrological and semi-popular medical works.” He said in Pharmacopoeia Londinensis. Or, the New London Dispensatory, (1696) , the Lapis Vegetabilis (The Vegetable Stone). “Rx. Take a dry plant, digest it with its own distilled water: draw from it the flegm, spirit, and oil; from the feces extract a salt (by calcination) with the flegm: then draw a tincture from the same kind of herb with the spirit; impregnate the salt with the tincture, and add as much of the oil as the salt so impregnated can swallow up, then coagulate like a stone…. It has all the virtues of the herbs exalted from whence it is extracted.” He also published a series of books, “The London almanack for the year of our Lord 1691 – 1700”.
A biolography of him is at A 17th Century Renaissance Man, Dr William Salmon: Copyright © 2004 Bruce Tober All Rights Reserved.

Titles in R.A.M.S.:
Artephius. His Secret Book. The Epistle of John Pontanus”. Mentioned in the Preface of Artephius his secret Book. Wherein he bears witness of the Book translated out of the Latin copy Extant in the third of Theatrum Chemicum at the 75th page. Translated out of Latin By William Salmon, Professor of Physick. Faithfully re-typed by a meer student of the Hermetic Art. 1976. 58 pages. (ARTEPHIUS: .doc, .pdf). More Info.
“Secreta Alchemiae” by Kalid Persica (Kalid ben Jazichi). Written originally in Hebrew, and translated thence into Arabick, and out of Arabick into Latin. Now it being faithfully rendered into English by William Salmon, Professor of Physick. 1691. 67 pages. (SECRETAALCHYMIAE: .doc, .pdf, .jpg). More Info.
“Hermetis Trismegisti Tractatus Aureus”, The Golden Work of Hermes Trismegistus. 2nd-3rd Century. Translated out of Hebrew into Arabick, then into Greek, afterwards into Latin; and now done out of Latin into English, Claused and largely Commented upon by William Salmon, Professor of Physick. 1692. [21 Chapters]. RAMS pre-1981. 151 pages. (HERMES: .doc, .pdf, .jpg) More Info.
“Summa Perfectionis” by Pseudo-Geber. 1485. Collected and Digested by William Salmon 1644-1713, Professor of Physick. RAMS 1977. 180 pages. (SUMMAPERFECTIONIS: .doc, .pdf, .jpg). More Info.