Present projects

Proof-reading scanned text:

  • The Holy Guide. Started 2018.

Transcribing new texts:

  • Four Books of J.S. Weidenfeld, concerning the Secrets of the Adepts. 
  • The Complete Chemist, by C. Glaser.
  • More details in members section.

Past projects

  • Completed May, 2018.
    Transcription of Chymicum Tyrocinium or Chymical Essays, acquired from The Fountain of Nature, and Manual Experience, by John Beguinus Almoner.
  • Completed October, 2012.
    Digitalize the complete Restoration of Alchemical Manuscripts Society library.
  • Alchemy Podcast, book readings from the Alchemy library.
    Recording text for future audio editing.
    Season 1,2006 – concluded.
    Season 2,2007 – concluded.
  • Completed September, 2006.
    Stage 1: Proof-Reading the Works of Glauber. Now compiled on one CDrom.
    Commenced January, 2006.
  • Completed February, 2006.
    A collection of all R.A.M.S. publication dates to construct a timeline of titles.
  • Completed January, 2006.
  • Completed December, 2005.
    The creation of ‘Table of contents‘ information of each title in the library arranged into CDrom groups.

Future projects

  1. Continued project: Proof-reading text.