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Table of Contents

Chymicum Tyrocinium or Chymical Essays
Acquired from The Fountain of Nature, and Manual Experience.
In Three Books.
By John Beguinus Almoner, to the most Christian King of France.


Book One
Chapter I. The definition of Alchimy.
Chapter II. Of Solution in Genere.
Chapter III. Of Calcination.
Chapter IV. Of Extraction.
Chapter V. Of Coagulation.
Chapter VI. Of Lutation.

The Second Book
Chapter I. General Rules
Chapter II. Of Waters from Flowers, Herbs, Roots, Rinds, Seeds, Woods.
Chapter III. Of Sundry kinds of Aqua fortis.
Chapter IV. Of Spirits.
Chapter V. Of Vinegar.
Chapter VI. Of Oils.
Chapter VII. Of Liquid Tinctures.
Chapter VIII. Of Balsoms.
Chapter IX. Of Extracts.
Chapter X. Of Soft Tinctures.
Chapter XI. Of Calcination of Common Salt, Salt-peter, Vitriol, the Stone of the Spunge, Crystal, and Marchasite of Silver.
Chapter XII. Of the various Calcination of Antimony.
Chapter XIII. Of Calcination, and preparation of Mercury.
Chapter XIV. Of Calcination of Saturn, and Jupiter.
Chapter XV. Of Calcination of Mars, and Venus.
Chapter XVI. Of Calcination of Luna, and Sol.
Chapter XVII. Of Salts.
Chapter XVIII. Of Flowers.
Chapter XIX. Of Magisterys.
Chapter XX. Of Solid Tinctures, and Panacea’s.

The Third Book
Chapter I. Of Quintessence. Of the Quintessence of human blood.
Chapter II. Of the Quintessence of Wine.
Chapter III. Of Quintessence of Corals.

London. Printed for Thomas Passenger, at the sign of the three Bibles upon London Bridge. 1669
Transcribed and transposed to modern English by Lord Theophrastus Bombastus von Oberstockstall, SCA,
to be sold at his stall in the market place. 2018
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