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Baron Georg von Welling (c.1652 - 1727)
von Welling was born, 1652, in the county Weissenhom in Swabia. He was a  Bavarian alchemical and theosophical writer, known for his 1735 work Opus Mago-cabbalisticum et theosophicum. An earlier version of the work was published under the pseudonym Gregorius Anglus Sallwigt, in 1719. By profession he worked in the mining industry, becoming Director in the Baden-Durlacher Office of Building and Mines. He resigned his official position in 1723, and retired to Bockenheim near Frankfurt, where he died in 1727. Hence, his major work, Opus Mago-cabbalisticum, was printed after his death. The text has had several editions.

TITLES in R.A.M.S. :

"Philosophy of The Universe" or a General System of Chymical, Metaphysical, & Mathmatic Knowledge in which The Origin, natural properties of The Three Principles of Nature are Fully described. The Production & Maturation of Metals & Minerals. A Complete Treatise upon The Wisdom of God & The Excellency of Nature. With a General Key Enriched with a Great Variety of Metaphysical, Mathematical & Theosophic Figures. Forming a Complete Treatise upon The Abstract & Useful Arts & Sciences. Translated from the Original German of Baron George Von Welling, and Carefully corrected and Revised by: Francis Barrett F.R.C. (with Additional Notes & Observations) London June 1801. R.A.M.S. 1989. 175 pages. (WELLING: _original.PDF). 

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