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Johan Isaaci Hollandus (active 1572-1610?)
In the fourteenth century lived the two Isaacs Hollandus, father and son, Dutch adepts, who wrote ‘De Triplici Ordinari Exiliris et Lapidis Theoria’ and ‘Mineralia Opera Sue de Lapide Philosophico.’ The details of their operations on metals are the most explicit that have been given, and because of this very lucidity have been discounted. John Read, for instance, Professor of Chemistry, in his ‘ Prelude to Chemistry, an Outline of Alchemy,’ dismisses the writing of the Hollandus pair in a few words, possibly because their clarity of detail led him to suspect a blind. Alas, how blind sometimes are our experts themselves ALCHEMY REDISCOVERED AND RESTORED By Archibald Cockren.

Brief Bibliography:

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De urinis.(?)

Little is known about Johannes Isaac Hollandus (active 1572-1610?), but the Görlitz astronomer Bartholomeus Scultetus had a German manuscript of some of his treatises on mineralogy that survives in the form of a copy made in Prague in 1572 (Royal Library, Copenhagen, MS. 1762), and Ben Jonson’s 1610 play The Alchemists refers to him apparently as still living. His name suggests he was a Dutchman living abroad, but if his father was called Isaac Hollandus, as has been claimed, he may have been born abroad in a Dutch family.

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