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Eudoxus (BC 408 - 355)
Born in 408 B.C. in Cnidus. He was a Greek geometer and astronomer. Eudoxus studied at Plato's Academy and was a student of Archytas of Tarentum. He spent over a year in Egypt and then, on his return, established a school that competed with Plato. There is ample evidence to suggest that Eudoxus had little respect for Plato's analytic ability.
Eudoxus proposed a heliocentric system for the solar system; a very important contribution. Other important contributions were to the theory of proportion, where he made a definition of equal ratios similar to cross multiplying, and early work on integration with the theory of exhaustion. Eudoxus also devised a theory of planets carried on glassy spheres that were nested around the Earth in mountings like compass gimbals: rotations on these explained observed motions.
The kampyle curve was studied by Eudoxus also in relation to the classical problem of duplication of the cube. Eudoxus found formulas for measuring pyramids cones and cylinders. Books V and XII of Euclid's Elements are attributed to Eudoxus by some experts. In 355 B.C. Eudoxus died in Cnidus.
[Source: Ancient Greek Science]

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